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"The Corporate Connection Relationship Revelations" - ePlan
Daily action plans to connect  with individuals for businesses to achieve ROCKSTAR status relationships and sales success to increase your personal and financial PROFITS
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* Daily - 4 day action /5th day catch up/meditate
The Life Analyst ePlan
"The Corporate Connection Relationship Revelations"
was created as a daily devotional production planner for 4 day sales and connecting work days a week, after being inspired by people asking "how are you able to achieve business relationship success?" As well as, the economic downturn with many of friends, acquaintances and people I don't know yet from Wall Street to Main Street, finding themselves in an unknown place, being uprooted from what they once knew as the norm and wondering how to reinvent themselves and compete in the highly competitive marketplace we are in today.  The Corporate Connection Relationship Revelations is about connecting with people to achieve your personal and financial goals whether your a student, homemaker, corporate America, veteran, retired, etc. coupled with growth and integration in your life as connecting isn't just an event, it its part of the joy in the journey. I put together this engaging and productive day to day guide with action plans, that some folks call the "meat and potatoes" on how to do it resource in the quest to helping YOU achieve success.
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"The Corporate Connection Relationship Revelations" on how to connect with individuals for businesses to achieve rockstar relationships with daily* action plans for sales success


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