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Passion, Prosperity and Perspective News is an advice column from featured experts within their fields of passion for cooking or health, prosperity in creating wealth and perspective in inspiration brought to you by The Life Analyst
The Life Analyst

"The Executive Mentor Coach discovers,educates, and empowers people to match their DDA to their DNA with analyzed processes that incorporate step by step actions to
achieve growth and balance in their personal and financial objectives."
The Life Analyst Passion, Prosperity and Perspective News

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TEDDY - Are you willing to trade what you have for what you love?

When William Bryant Burgess was 10 years old he lived on a farm out in the North Carolina. Budgets were tight and the extras in life were few and far between. Like, the succulent teddy bear chocolates down at the corner store that William pondered and craved each time he went with his mother to get the much needed basic household items. Having a love for chocolate created a passion within him to use his creative talent to devise a plan. What could I offer the owner of the corner store in trade of the teddy bear chocolates? So he went down to the farm house, fetched some eggs and off to the corner store he went to ask the owner if he could trade eggs for the teddy bear chocolates. It took no time as the townspeople heard his story and he became known as "Teddy" instead of his sir name William Bryant Burgess. Little did he know trading what he had would give him a new name. He went on to become an entrepreneur as a carpenter and a farmer and gained financial independence.

What can you trade to gain financial independence? 

1. Trade not having the money come directly to you for you to save – have it automatically deducted from your DDA* and sent to a retirement plan

2. Trade how often you go out to eat and put the money in a savings plan

3. Trade your thoughts/purchases on buying a new car for a used one

4. Trade your "got to have it now non discounted" clothes purchases to "got to have it now clearance sale" clothes purchase

5. Trade your retail therapy to exercise therapy

6. Trade your staple (take for granted) household expenses and request proposals for reduced rates – ie – insurance – (car, home, life etc.), phone, internet, home loan etc.

7. Trade your frivolous expenses and ask yourself “can I live without this?” walk away and give yourself 24 hours before purchasing it and if you can’t live without it, go get it

*DDA - Demand Deposit Account - AKA - Checking Account

Article by - Paula J. Foulk - Founder of The Life Analyst

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your own inner voice and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. "

Steve Jobs

When I read Steve's quote above, I am full of inspiration and a feeling of comfort overwhelms me. I remind myself once again, JUST BE ME. I put a daily reminder in my blackberry phone with this quote titled "JUST BE ME". It is a good for your soul to meditate on positive inspiration. I often wonder why so many fall into the trap of dogma? Living the results of others thinking. Unfortunate for them they will live with regret and wonder what they could of been. They find themselves depressed and unhappy with this wonderful life. I am a people pleaser and want the world a happier place but at the end of the day I remind myself, not to waste time on living someone else's life and if they are truly my friend and love me, they will love me for WHO I AM and not what they want me to be. 

So I encourage you, like Steve Jobs, "And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition"
PJ's Passion Power Performance Quick Tip

Intuition Intelligence is feeling a connection with another person, place, or thing without a conversation. It is an ultimate knowing within your spirit on your daily walk in life of your next steps to a successful power performance day. I like to start my day with this prayer.....Lead me, guide me, show me the way, what am I to do today? If you will listen to your intelligence and learn to follow your intuition, you will be amazed on how many times you will find yourself saying at the start of your storytelling.....I had the most exciting thing happen to me today-serendipitous, adventurous, they said they were just thinking about me, etc. The energy that is created through your Intuition Intelligence brings your PASSION TO POWER PERFORMANCE

The 3 P's - PASSION - B a PJ'z Gourmet 

Jingle Seasoning - Holiday Cheer

1 (4 to 6 inch) glass shaker - (salt or pepper)

Mix your dreams in first - (stars), stir in wisdom for decisions along the way - (pearls), with a dash of strength - (diamonds) to accomplish your goals in your life's journey. 

Pearl beads - for wisdom
Star gemstones - to shoot for your dreams
Diamond acrylic stones - for strength
Mini jingle bells - for joy

​Put all 4 items in glass shaker and stir with peace, love and joy.

Shake a little wisdom, shoot for the stars, pour your strength with a little happiness, while shaking a little fun. Sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer and joy all over everyone.

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