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Does your DNA match your DDA*?
The Life Analyst Engagements and Training Seminars
Are you getting out of life what your worth? Are you struggling in the economic environment? Are you happy with the money your making? Is your business failing and you need a turnaround consultant?
​TLA is currently booking training and speaking engagements for 2017 and is available to speak at your awards, association, seminar, school, college, organization, non-profit, event, workshop, breakout session, team, retreat, summit, job ministry or conference. TLA will definitely engage your audience with energy, enthusiasm, motivation and charisma. TLA's mission and message speaks to all kinds of audiences. TLA's presentations draw upon reinventing, branding, networking, relationships, inspiration, intuition intelligence, visionary, serendipity, stress for success and make a way when there is no way. TLA helps your audience identify with the intended message and reduce costs whether it is their mental, physical or spiritual self to achieve growth and balance in their personal and financial objectives. Below is a list of a few of our seminars.

If you have any question concerning TLA speaking engagements, mentor/coaching, training seminars, etc.  Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help find the best solutions.

Keynote only - maximum 1.5 hours - $3,000.00*

Keynote and 1 Service - maximum 4 hours - $6,000.00*

Keynote and 2 Services - maximum 8 hours - $10,000.00*

Retail Hell/Hail Retail
How to change perception and get your customers and employees to be loyal - Are you operating at maximum efficiencies? How is your customer service experience affecting your bottom line?
Sports Sensation
How to go from good to great and creating a never die attitude - Do you have an action plan for your dreams? Do you want to rock the nation as a Sports Sensation?
Finding the Who, What, When, Why, and  How in you. Do you know to uncover opportunity? Do you see the dangling carrot? Do you have the goal sense to get it?
The Corporate Connection Relationship Revelations
How to build daily action plans to network and achieve ROCK star status business relationships and sales success to increase your personal and financial profits. Do you need to raise productivity?
WTF's n your life?
What the F's in your life? The 4 F's that matter - Faith, Family, Fun and Fortune - Do you have your F's in order?
Intuition Intelligence
How to discern your inner being and use it as a daily guide - Do you need to improve results? 
The Life Analyst

"The Executive Mentor Coach discovers, educates, and empowers people to match their DDA with their DNA with analyzed processes that incorporate step by step actions to achieve growth and balance in their personal and financial objectives."
PJ's Platinum Retreat TBA at Whispering Pines Golf Club  Rated #1 Golf Club in Texas and Top 100 Golf Club in the US 
space limited  
Whispering Pines Golf Club
Philanthropy Phenomenon
How to give when you don't think you got it - Do you want to develop your leadership potential?
TLA's charity - The Night's Shield click here for more info
Stress For Success
Is the stress of the economic uncertainty paralyzing your actions to success as well as your team? Learn how to deal with stress for success in all areas of your life. 
Doesn't include travel
The Dangling Carrot
Is your dreams where you can see it, almost grasp it and you get so close you can taste it? However it still hangs right in front of your nose?
The Goal Sense To Get It
Do you know how to set a goal and attain it? Are you ready to achieve your goals and move up? 
Please call 832-948-5812 for Group and Individual Consulting Training rates