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Welcome to The Life Analyst 
We're committed to helping your career
The Life Analyst Executive Mentor Coach discovers, educates and empowers people to match their DDA (checking account) with their DNA with analyzed processes that incorporate step by step actions to achieve growth and balance in their personal and financial objectives. 

The Life Analyst is on a mission to revolutionize you into becoming visionaries of your own accord. TLA's visionary revolution for each and every person is to incorporate proven and tested bottom line activities coupled with the power within yourself through total focus on clear, distinctive and specific goals that support your vision while keeping your emotional, physical and spiritual life in check. TLA is right for you because we take time to listen and understand your story and where you are in your life, so we can analyze and prepare a strategy plan for you to achieve your personal and financial objectives. How do we do this? We put together a systematic proprietary analyzed process with step by step actions that was developed, tested and proven in achieving our own goals as well as the goals of our clients and want to share them with you. 

Are you struggling in today's economic environment? Are you making the money you want to make? Do you know how to achieve your ideal career?  Do you need to reinvent yourself or need to achieve a higher quota in this economy? Have you exhausted all possibilities to get your ideas, concept, product, services off the ground? TLA  is here to assist you as an individual or business.

Does your DNA match your DDA*? - According to Wikipedia – Personal income in the United States has only 6.24% of Americans making over $100,000 per year. That is an astonishing fact considering the cost of living. Did you know that the DNA of a single cell contains so much information that if it were represented in printed words, simply listing the first letter of each base would require over 1.5 million pages of text? YOU are unique and with the added TLA approach to find the passion, together we can create an environment that will put your thumbprint on increasing the productivity and profits in each individual and business DDA.  It doesn't matter If you're selling a product or services or selling yourself, regardless if you are in institutional sales, professional sports, pharmaceuticals, real estate, insurance, advertising, financial services, entrepreneur, corporation, business owner or any other professional services that you have a goal to achieve.

Philanthropy Phenomenon - Anyone from all walks of life can be a Philanthropy Phenomenon.  YOU can make a difference with this step by step take action training program provided by TLA. We show you: How to develop private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life and more. Do you desire to give back to those less fortunate?  Do you have a passion and desire to start your own charity? Do you need direction and consulting on how to make your dream a reality?

Retail Hell/Hail Retail - Growing up in small town USA and having family members and friends in business, PJ was shocked when she moved to the 4th largest city, and you want to know why?.....customer service and satisfaction was not a top priority at the places she was spending her money. It was a rippling effect as PJ's family and friends came to visit and would comment on the exact same thing, RETAIL HELL. Over the years we have been compiling our training programs based on those experiences in our effort to assist businesses to achieve growth and reach their personal and financial objective by: How to change your customer's perception of your business from HELL to HAIL. Do you know how much employees are really costing you? Are your customers and employees loyal? Are you looking to increase your bottom line?

Sports Sensation - No matter what sport you are playing whether it is baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, football, tennis, ice hockey, surfing, etc. The Life Analyst Mentor Coach training program can discover, educate, and empower you to take control of your mental game. Are you prepared to play at the next level? Do you have the mental toughness to go from good to great? Do you have the goal sense to get there?

Direction Destination - Who do you think you want to be? Will it afford the lifestyle you want? Do you have the passion to carry the career you chosen? Will you be one of the 17% of people who love the career path they chose? Discover the Who, When, What and Where in you. Do you know how to connect to your career? Are you having a hard time finding employment? Who am I? How to increase your brand awareness.

* DDA - Demand Deposit Account - AKA - "checking account" 
* Daily - 4 day action/5th day catch up/meditate *

   The 3 P's - Passion, Prosperity and Perspective - advice column from the experts

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